Milestone Sessions

Information about all children and family photo shoots:

~ Newborn ~

The best time frame to schedule a newborn shoot is within the first two weeks after birth unless your baby is premature. With premies, I suggest the shoot to take place a couple weeks after the due date. Please contact me as soon as your baby is born so we can get a feel of how baby is doing and to ensure getting on the calendar.

My goal is to get as many shots into an hour long shoot. It may go a little longer if we are slow going at the beginning or if a feeding session takes place in the middle, but an exhausted or stressed baby and mama is not conducive to a successful shoot, so I try to keep it as quick as possible.

I have three options available for newborn photography: 1) I can come to your home and shoot in the setting that you and your new baby are most comfortable. Typically the nursery and parents bedrooms are the main locations for this shoot. Both parents and siblings are welcome to join. 2) You can come to my home studio which is a basic studio with lights, blankets, and normal newborn props. 3) We can go to my warehouse space in downtown Akron that is suited with beautiful large windows and tons of vintage furniture and vintage lace. Three very different vibes, but all 100% beautiful options.

Parents should dress in black, white, or beige tops as to not distract or clash.  Often moms can wear just a bra, dad no shirt, and naked baby and showcase lots of skin on skin. Bring any special outfits or blankets.

Please call or email with any other questions! 

~ Fresh 48 ~

What is a fresh 48 anyway? (This actually comes before a newborn session, btw.)

This is when I will come to you, usually at the hospital, right after the baby is born…within the first 48 hours of life. We will take pictures of your postpartum room, of the details of your room, the baby’s hospital bassinet, and even first latch pictures if you’re a breastfeeding mom who would like that documented. If you aren’t familiar with this type of shoot, click here to see some examples.