Getting Ready for your Engagement Shoot

Almost every single engagement shoot I do my brides ask me, “What should I wear?” So I decided to write a blog post specifically dedicated to your appearance for your engagement shoot. First and foremost there are a few things that are imperative to bring with you to your engagement shoot. They are pretty basic, but very important.

  1. Bring an open mind and a great attitude. This is going to be a super fun shoot! I understand not everyone likes getting their picture taken, but just have fun with it! If you are particularly camera shy and feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, haha, have a glass of wine (that seems to help taking the edge off ;)…


  1. Come with ideas! Pinterest is one of the greatest inventions of this century (in my humble opinion at least). I LOVE it when my brides bring me their Pinterest page of engagement ideas. Usually this is the first time I am shooting with my bride and groom and this gives me a great idea of how to incorporate their personal style with my creative photographic style.cleveland-engagement-photography
  1. Coordinate. I’m not saying match like you’re going to Cedar Point, but try to dress accordingly… to each other. Try complimentary colors also, for example, if your groom is wearing a cool colored shirt such as a blue, an orange family dress would be perfect!cleveland-engagement-photography
  1. Make it POP! Ladies, do not be afraid to wear bold colors. You want to add some spice and sass to your shoot. A bold blouse, dress, or pair of heels will add just the right pizazz to your images.cleveland-engagement-photography
  2. Hair and Make Up. I ALWAYS suggest my brides to take advantage of a trial run for hair and makeup specifically for this shoot. Go a little (not a ton) overboard on the make up. You most definitely want to wear more makeup than you normally do. This will photograph much better and significantly accentuate your features.cleveland-engagement-photography
  3. Bring a few outfits and give it some options! Ladies, bring a nice pair of jeans, coordinating blouse, jacket/cardigan, and heels for one outfit; a nice summer dress or a standard casual dress; and then a cocktail dress for a more sophisticated look. Gents need to bring nice jeans, dress shoes and a button down dress shirt to match the first look; possibly a more casual pair of jeans and nice polo shirt for the second look; and dress pants, blazer, and nice dress shoes for the third look. Not all three looks are necessary for each shoot, but it definitely gives a great variety to work with and different location options as well.cleveland-engagement-photography
  4. Accessorize! Bold and chunky are in right now, but make sure the necklace works with the neckline, the style doesn’t clash with your clothes, and neither do the colors. P.S. Ladies, if you have short hair, it is almost imperative that you wear big earrings.cleveland-engagement-photography
  5. Ladies: Heels. Heels. Heels. HEELS LADIES! Even if you are as tall as I am, you ALWAYS want to elongate your legs as much as possible, even with jeans! Gents: Dress shoes! As much as you possibly can please avoid tennis shoes. Unless you are doing a sports themed e-shoot or you are going on a major hike in the park, keep it to nice dress shoes.cleveland-engagement-photography
  6. Layers: Gals – this means cartigans, blazers, lightweight sweaters on top of your blouse and possibly a peacoat (depending on the season) to top it off. Gents – on top of your button down shirt, possibly wear a vest of some sort or a lightweight sweater or blazer and don’t forget the leather jacket…season appropriate of course.cleveland-engagement-photography
  7. And by all means: STAY TRUE TO YOU. If you don’t love the way you look in it, don’t wear it. Everything you bring needs to reflect you and your own style. If you feel comfortable, you will photograph natural and that’s the best way!cleveland-engagement-photography