Happy Socks, Happy Girls!

Happy Socks family portrait session!

Recently we were gifted a set of big dot Happy Socks from the manufacturer! We decided to take some fun, cute portraits in our fun, big dot happy socks! Thanks Happy Socks!

xoxo, Jenn

Jennifer M Photography | Akron Family Portrait Photographer

akron family photography

Piper, 2, my 9 month old twins Aria and Asher, and my oldest Parker who is 4. Such a wild group of ladies!

akron family photography

Who can handle chubby baby thighs, especially times 2!!!

akron family photography

Aria sitting up nice and pretty and Asher cheesin’ it! I wonder if this is foreshadowing of years to come!

akron family photography

They recently learned how to crawl and they are scootin’ now!

akron family photography

All my beautiful, sweet girls in their super fun and happy socks!

Thanks for viewing!

Akron Family Portrait Photographer | Jennifer M Photography

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